Natural Skincare

Why switch to natural skincare

We are more and more concerned about the ingredients we consume. We hear about organic food, we try to not consume refined sugar, and learn more about ‘super foods’.

The German philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach said: WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. We know that what we eat has direct effects (good and bad) on our bodies, but are we aware that 60% of what penetrates into our bodies does so through the skin?

At Deluz Natural Cosmetics we believe in the importance of a conscious diet, but we go further and dare to rewrite the quote from Feuerbach: WE ARE WHAT WE EAT + WHAT OUR SKIN EATS. We avoid ingesting toxins, so why are we so complacent when it comes to putting them on our skin?

Information is power, but starting to read the list of ingredients of cosmetic products can be quite a challenge because the terminology of many of these components may seem like a new language. At Deluz Natural Cosmetics, we want to raise awareness and help you with the change we propose: discover sustainable and conscious cosmetics, move to natural cosmetics.

Natural cosmetics? It rings a bell, you’ve heard of it, but what is it? There is no common European regulation, but we talk about natural cosmetics when at least 95% of the ingredients in these products are of natural origin, replacing the chemical elements that characterize traditional cosmetics. Natural cosmetics only use preservatives where necessary in the interests of human health and protection against contamination.

Beyond the ingredients, in natural cosmetics the production process also is important, in which work is done to minimize its impact on the planet. It is about conscious and sustainable cosmetics, with ingredients that do not harm the environment once run down the drains of our homes.

One of the greatest legends about natural cosmetics are the doubts regarding its effectiveness. There is a false belief that effective skin care involves the use of aggressive chemicals, when in nature we can find equally effective ingredients.

Artificial fragrances, alcohol, parabens, synthetic foaming agents, among others, are examples of common ingredients of traditional cosmetics. We know that these trigger skin irritations, but we do not know other potential effects they may have as we are using an average of 15 products a day, that is more than 600 ingredients that penetrates through our body and skin.

If nature is able to give us effective alternatives to these chemical elements, why not consider a new, natural and more conscious approach to our skin care routine?

While each and every skin type can benefit from taking the step to natural skin care, it is true that natural cosmetics are particularly beneficial for people suffering from skin sensitivity as they eliminate the vast majority of irritants, typical of traditional cosmetics.

Moving to natural cosmetics is to move from everything unnecessary with what you feed your skin today, why not make the switch?

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