The 3 Most Common Natural Skin Care Mistakes (And How To Fix Them) – mindbodygreen.com (inglés)

So you want to make the switch to naturals, or you’re thinking about it—go, you! But where do you begin? To do an overhaul of your personal care routine would take hours of review-reading, Instagram-stalking, and/or YouTube tutorial-watching to find and vet the right products for your skin type. Plus, replacing all products at the same time would rack up a hefty bill. The truth is that natural beauty is having a Wild Wild West moment. Every brand, retailer, and influencer wants in because naturals are trending up, which is helpful for getting the message out. But all that information at once can be pretty confusing. How will naturals change the skin? What should be switched first? Is there a wallet-friendly way to go about it?

Here’s the secret: It’s better to make the switch one product at a time than it is to switch everything at once. Not only will this tactic keep your wallet happy, but you’ll have a chance to see how your skin reacts to each product, which is near impossible to figure out if you’re trying multiple products at once. Learn from these three common mistakes so you can start (or continue) your natural beauty journey on the right foot.

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